Modelo 345 Rubber Brush™

Available sizes:

  • 60 cm  x  80 cm
  • 80 cm  x  100 cm
  • 90 cm  x  150 cm
  • 90 cm  x  180 cm

Available colors:

  • Black

345 Rubber Brush™ Outdoor Rubber Classics Non-Absorbent Matting

  • Fingertip brush mat
  • Quality rubber compound
  • Non-shifting suction cup design
  • Bevelled edges on all sides

Product Description:

  • Classic outdoor scraper mats stop dirt, grit and grime from entering the building. Made from durable rubber compound, these mats withstand the heaviest of foot traffic, are easy to clean and practically weather proof. These mats have excellent adherence and adapt to any surface.

Product Features:

  • Thousands of flexible fingers providing automatic shoe cleaning action when foot pressure is applied.
  • Non shifting suction cup design underneath.
  • Bevelled safety edges on all four sides.
  • Overall thickness: 16 mm.
  • Weight: 13.6 kg per m².

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