Modelo 564 Oct-O-Mat™ 23 mm

564 Oct-O-Mat™ Outdoor Rubber Classics Non-Absorbent Matting

  • Honeycomb rubber mat
  • Quality rubber compound
  • Non-shifting
  • Excellent drainage
  • For recess frames

Product Description:

Classic outdoor scraper mats stop dirt, grit and grime from entering the building. Made from durable rubber compound, these mats withstand the heaviest of foot traffic, are easy to clean and practically weather proof. These mats have excellent adherence and adapt to any surface

Product Features:

  • Loose or placed in a recess frame.
  • Raised knobs underneath allow excellent drainage, leaving a clean and dry surface.
  • Heavy weight assures non-shifting.
  • Overall thickness: 23 mm.
  • Weight: 13.3 kg per m².
  • Custom sizes available. Any size on demand

Other compounds available on demand:

  • Bfl-S1 fire rating available on demand.
  • 100% nitrile rubber, resistant to most industrial oils 

Available sizes:

  • Connectors - polybag of 10 pcs, Insert brushes - polybag of 10 pcs, 50 cm  x  100 cm, 60 cm  x  80 cm, 75 cm  x  100 cm, 80 cm  x  120 cm, 100 cm  x  150 cm

Custom lengths:

  • Custom per m²

Available colors:

  • Black
  • OB


  • Connectors - polybag of 10 pcs, Insert brushes - polybag of 10 pcs

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