Modelo 593 Master Flex C12™

Available sizes:

  • 50 cm  x  50 cm


  • Master Flex D12™
  • Introducing the revolutionary modular multi-zone entrance mat tile with the ease of on-site modular installation and harmonious transition from outdoor to indoor.

593 Master Flex C12™ Indoor / Outdoor Contract and Installation Modular Matting - Next Generation

  • The 593 Master Flex™ C12 matting system can be completely personalizedwith a large selection of carpet inserts in a variety of colours.
  • The Master Flex™ system offers all the benefits of a matting tile that iseasily installed, rearranged or replaced. What makes it revolutionary is the interlocking system that creates a durable and seamless connectionthat can be effortlessly installed without glue.
  • The 50 cm x 50 cm tiles cover sizeable areas easily and can be assembledon-site for installation in recessed matwell frames in large entrances.Made from a durable natural rubber compound that is inherentlyresilient, anti-slip and withstands the heaviest foot traffic.
  • Based on the unique design of the Oct-O-Flex™, the outdoor rubber mat scrapes shoes to stop dirt, grit and grime from entering the building withsmall drainage holes that are EU compliant for public entrances. Plusits smooth surface makes it suitable for wheeled access (carts,wheelchairs, suitcases, etc.).

Recommended carpet inserts:

  • 103 Master Trax Lite™ carpet insert.
  • 380 Swisslon Classic XT™ carpet insert.
  • 388 Swisslon Uni™ carpet insert. 

Recommended use:

  • Out- or indoor – heavy foot traffic areas.
  • For placement in interior or exterior recessed matwell frames.


  • Tile: Natural rubber compound.
  • Octagonal ring design with open construction.
  • Small holes diameter 14 mm, compliant with EU norm for public entrances.
  • Overall thickness: 12 mm.
  • Weight: 2.0 kg/tile.

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